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e-Foram Stock is an experimental website for the delivery of e-Specimen over computer networks, and is the new specimen reference system, making use of three-dimensional virtual models developed by Tohoku University Museum.

e-Foram Stock

Internet technologies have revolutionized the way we access and share data. The e-Specimen facilitates specimen sharing over computer networks and offers considerable advantages over the conventional specimen reference system in terms of ease of use, speed of navigation and the inspection of large numbers of specimens. This new system also has provision for morphometrics, which pertains to taxonomy by using three-dimensional geometrical analysis of various specimens.
In this experiment, a small specimen of planktonic foraminifera was scanned using the high resolution X-ray Computer Tomography system (ScanXmate-E090:Comscantecno Corporation), having the capacity to scan objects at about 5 micrometer resolution, with the maximum enlargement ratio. The virtual specimen was reconstructed using 3D computer graphics, based on tomographic images in voxel space.
The e-specimen can be viewed with “Molcer”, which is a freely downloadable software provided by White Rabbit Corporation. With this tool, one can handle e-specimen easily, and inspect it from any direction, and the specimen viewing mode can be selected from either the surface rendering mode used for observing the external shape, or the volume rendering mode for the inner structure.

Our Goal

The planktonic foraminifera are protests living in the marine surface layer, and produce a test made mainly of calcium carbonate. The tests fall down on to the sea floor after death, and are preserved as fossils in marine sediments. Since 1968, the international scientific programs have been drilling up sedimentary rock cores bearing planktic foraminifera fossils from all over the ocean. The almost infinite supply of specimens and the high-precision age-control models available for the cores have produced an high-quality fossil record, thus providing the scientific community with a chance to detail the picture of large scale evolutionary processes associated with this group.
For the purpose, we think it is necessary to construct the cyber infrastructures that allows the vast amount of morphological data on fossils to be integrated as processable forms with the aid of computers.


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This system provides a database for finding the e-specimen requested by the user from our repository, by using searchable keys like the generic and specific names, locality and the geological age. The user can then obtain detailed information of the real specimen from this database by using the registration number of the individual e-specimen.
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Cluster I: from Truncorotalia to Globorotalia

Foraminifera, Globorotalia tumida Globorotalia tumida

Foraminifera, Hirsutella hirsuta Hirsutella hirsuta

Foraminifera, Globoconella inflata Globoconella inflata

Foraminifera, Truncorotalia crassaformis Truncorotalia crassaformis

Foraminifera, Hirsutella scitula Hirsutella scitula

Foraminifera, Truncorotalia truncatulinoides Truncorotalia truncatulinoides

Foraminifera, Menardella menardii Menardella menardii

Foraminifera, Globorotalia flexuosa Globorotalia flexuosa

Foraminifera, Menardella multicamerata Menardella multicamerata


Cluster II:from Globoquadrina to Globigerina

Foraminifera, Globigerinella shiphonifera Globigerinella shiphonifera

Foraminifera, Candeina nitida Candeina nitida

Foraminifera, Bolliella adamsi Bolliella adamsi

Foraminifera, Pulleniatina obliquiloculata Pulleniatina obliquiloculata

Foraminifera, Neogloboquadrina pachyderma Neogloboquadrina pachyderma

Foraminifera, Neogloboquadrina conglomerata Neogloboquadrina conglomerata

Foraminifera, Neogloboquadrina dutertrei Neogloboquadrina dutertrei

Foraminifera, Globorotaloides hexagona Globorotaloides hexagona

Foraminifera, Globigerinita glutinata Globigerinita glutinata


Cluster III: from Globigerinoides to Orbulina

Foraminifera, Orbulina universa Orbulina universa

Foraminifera, Sphaeroidinella dehiscens Sphaeroidinella dehiscens

Foraminifera, Globigerinoides sacculifer Globigerinoides sacculifer

Foraminifera, Globigerinoides ruber Globigerinoides ruber

Foraminifera, Sphaeroidinellopsis kochi Sphaeroidinellopsis kochi

Foraminifera, Hastigerina pelagica Hastigerina pelagica

Foraminifera, Globigerina bulloides Globigerina bulloides

Foraminifera, Globigerinoides conglobatus Globigerinoides conglobatus

Foraminifera, Globigerinoides fistulosus Globigerinoides fistulosus


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